Our Business

Modus Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd., is a unique state of the art  structure offering a complete solution for home textiles,  covering Bedding, Kitchen, Bath, Curtain, Deco, and Upholstery products. We have the ability to cater all sizes of businesses, from niche products to large bulk, while maintaining a high level of quality. Modus Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd., is engaged in the activity of manufacturing & export of home textile products. It is run by a team of experts dedicated to serve customers, in every aspect of business. Carefully designed with a mix of conventional methods and the latest trends in the industry. Our prime manufacturing facilities incorporates the highest standards of work process are systematization and social compliance in all areas of operations. Equipped with the advanced switch track sewing system, modern manufacturing equipment, Multi Needle Quilting Machines and in-house design studio and testing laboratory. We are currently capable of producing 2 million+ units of premium quality soft home products per annum. As part of our strategy our professional team works with the vision of providing a complete and superior supply chain solution to our customers.

Our mission

Our mission is to achieve global market & customer recognition as one of the top manufacturers of home textile products and services in in terms of quality, timeliness, consistency and developments. Our leadership’s rich experience and expertise in all aspects of the home textile supply chain, the motivation and dedication of our capable human resources and our continuous focus on our values are the driving forces for the accomplishment of our mission.

Our People

We strongly believe in the prestige and dignity of our people and all humanity. We constantly aim to treat each other with honor & respect and strive to manage an organization where every member receives equal and fair treatment, and is encouraged, inspirited and privileged to flourish, grow and develop himself and urge to develop others as well. We have a strict policy about any sort of discrimination and harassment in our organization.

Our Journey

Based in karachi, the largest metropolitan city of Pakistan and the country’s main financial center & seaport. Modus Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd., came into existence by deploying its first state of the art home-textile manufacturing & export facility in the city’s main industrial creek, within a few miles radius of Port Qasim and the Karachi Port Trust (KPT), both country’s international sea-ports. Modus Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd., is a self financed facility, and benefit from the supportive prevailing industry model in the country along with the rewarding economic cooperation’s in form  of GSP+ status from the international community to Pakistan. Both factors have a significant importance and present a robust opportunity for trade with the international home textile markets. For the best interest of all stake holders the founders of Modus Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd., have set-up their manufacturing facilities with high consideration to social responsibility in every aspects of the business right from the beginning.

Our leadership

Modus is driven by some of the most capable and talented leaders of the home textile business. They manage the company with a strong engagement and motivates the entire team enthusiastically dedicated to create the most reliable organization for our customers.

Our Values

Our core values define our organization and what we stand for.


As the strongest part of our Success strategy, we restlessly strive to produce premium quality procucts. For this we have carefully designed a strong checks system and criteria at every stage of production process to ensure excellent quality.


We strongly believe that the fulfillment of our Commitment is more important than any other area of the business to build long term relationships. We fulfill every commitment to our customers, suppliers and to our people.

Community, Society & Citizenship

Serving the community, society and humanity falls under our core vision. Through a successful and sustainable business organization, we aim to serve the society by creating effective benefits, presenting opportunities and economic development in the community. We have a high focus on ethical development of our people which in turn brings goodness and morality in the society. We consider serving the community and society as our Social responsibility and are restlessly dedicated to contribute to it.